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What are direct mail services?

Direct mail services are all of the various services and processes that go into producing direct mail marketing campaigns from the initial concept and conceptualization through getting the mail in the hands of the target recipient. Here at ProList, we're experts in everything direct mail and all of the services that go with it.

From the initial direct mail campaign concept, to data processing, list management, digital imaging and printing and production of all the individual components in the mail piece, you can feel confident that you're working with an experienced and knowledgeable team. ProList has over 30 years of experience serving businesses and organizations just like yours. You can trust us to get your direct mailing right, the first time.

USPS Direct Mail

A key piece of any successful direct mail program is integration with the United States Postal Service. Selecting the right USPS options varies by individual campaign goals and targeted in-home delivery dates. One thing is for sure, selecting the right postal options can seem a bit daunting at first. ProList is able to provide our clients with the best options in direct mail marketing available today including Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) delivery service, email marketing integration with USPS Informed Delivery®, and staying on top of current USPS rates to maximize postal discounts.

Direct Mail Processing & Mail Production Services

Direct mail processing and mail production services are the core of any direct marketing company. At ProList, our goal has two simple but hard-to-achieve objectives: be on-time and be error-free. Years of sophisticated management come together to deliver on those objectives project after project. Inserting, ink-jet addressing, an advanced bindery, and our in-house postal acceptance unit ensures speed and quality. We also handle fulfillment programs, renewals, acknowledgements, marketing mailers and so much more. Learn more about our mail production services today.

Print Services & Digital Imaging

Through years-long collaboration with some of the finest printing companies in the nation, ProList is able to offer a full range of print services from simple envelopes to complete highly personalized packages. Converting your vision into hard copy requires skill, experience and the latest technologies. We bring them all to bear for you at ProList with imaging options ranging from simple black and white laser printing to full duplex digital color. Both toner and ink-based systems assure the highest quality and optimal production. Learn more about our print services now.

Data Management Services

When it comes to data management and processing, ProList knows that it's the data that puts the "direct" in direct mail services and direct marketing. That's why we are the go-to solution for all of your data management and data processing needs. From optimizing postal addresses to appending demographic or congressional data, we make your data the center of your marketing universe. Learn more about data management services now.

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