As part of the critical infrastructure of our country supporting the United States Postal Service, ProList is an essential business and is open for business! Rest assured, we are here to meet all your digital print, direct mail and fulfillment needs.

Let’s face it. Direct marketing and direct mail in particular are complicated businesses. You need more than a vendor – you need a partner who can anticipate your needs – who can bring all of the key components together for integrated marketing solutions that really work!

A partner who doesn’t only reach out when something is wrong – but is there to make things go right.

From evaluating your lists for deliverability to making sure your mail piece is compliant before you go to press, ProList is constantly evaluating, checking and making sure that your mailing is the best it can be. Our staff includes nationally recognized experts in postal regulations, mail production and database management. Our award-winning innovations have saved our clients fortunes and provided them with capabilities they only dreamed of having when it comes to direct marketing and direct mail.

ProList clients have the peace of mind that comes from having the best in the business totally focused on their direct marketing. We never stop thinking about your direct marketing campaigns and ways to drive success for your company or organization.

  • John Dugan, Assistant Director of Marketing Operations
    ProList is very reliable, accurate and detail-oriented — they do very high quality work at a reasonable cost and with fast turnaround. I hold the bar high and they continually rise to the occasion.
    John Dugan, Assistant Director of Marketing Operations
  • Mike Sabatier, Director of Purchasing and Production
    ProList helped us build an online job processing system that enables us to pull selects, create mailings and get them out, all on the same day. They know that stuff better than anyone, hands down.
    Mike Sabatier, Director of Purchasing and Production
  • Jim Zerr, Director of Operations
    I know that ProList sees the trends and they are experts in their field. They are always looking for new ways to make our mailing operations more successful.”
    Jim Zerr, Director of Operations
  • Cynthia Smith, Director of Corporate Communications
    Our mailing list is the heart of our business ... with ProList being the steward of ours, we never have to worry about it.”
    Cynthia Smith, Director of Corporate Communications

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