A ProList Lunch & Learn Webinar:
The 2021 Informed Delivery Promotion!

The USPS Informed Delivery promotion is back, starting on September 1!

Informed Delivery Webinar: Aug 12, 2021 01:00 PM ET

The USPS Informed Delivery promotion is back, starting on September 1, just in time to give back part of the rate increase the Postal Service is planning.

40 million consumers agree - Informed Delivery rocks, and they are waiting to see your ads!

Join Dave Lewis, ProList's Vice President and Informed Delivery guru, for this webinar and learn all you need to know!

The final rules for the promotion are out now. We've dug deep into them and can tell you what's new and what's coming back from last year. This is a great opportunity to get started with ID, reach 40 million prospects with an extra message, AND save 2% in postage. You read that right - 40 million consumers. Up from 27 million last year.

This is a very specific, very hand-on, how-to-do-it webinar. Here's what we'll cover:

  • Informed Delivery basics
  • What mail is eligible for the promotion . . . or not
  • 2021 vs 2020 - what's changed and what hasn't
  • Who has to enroll in the promotion, and how?
  • How to register a mailing for the promotion
  • All about URLs and Informed Delivery
  • What's the deal with Flats anyway?
  • The requirements for your ID ads
  • Representative image
  • Ride-Along image
  • The URL
  • Approval process
  • Best practices - campaigns that have worked best
  • Making the most out of ID reporting

Whew! That's a lot of stuff. If you mail stuff, you need to attend this webinar. If you don't, why did you read down so far?

Again: Thursday August 12, 2021 at 1 PM EDT. Participate in the NEW 2021 Informed Delivery Promotion!

Space is limited so register now!