Mail Tracking 101
Webinar Presented by ProList

Get Under the Shell with SnailWorks Mail Tracking™
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Mail Tracking 101 Webinar: Apr 28, 2021 12:30 PM ET

Join us for this short but highly informative session on the basics of mail tracking.

If you’re NOT already tracking your mail, learn why you should be. And learn how this data relates to tracking for your Informed Delivery® campaigns as well. It couldn’t be simpler when using the SnailWorks™ web-based tracking and reporting interface. And if you’re mailing with ProList, you already have access to these great tools!

We’ll cover the basics:

  • Outbound mail tracking and reporting
  • Inbound mail tracking and reporting
  • How mail tracking supports Informed Delivery®

Plus offer tips and tricks for the most asked reporting questions:

  • How can I track an individual piece of mail?
  • What do the terms “first scan,” “last scan,” and “delivery date” really mean?
  • Where do I find information on ID ad click through rates?

If you’re mailing, you need to be tracking. This session will help you better understand ALL types of mail tracking and be in the know about which questions you should be asking your mailing services providers.

Presented by Dave Lewis, President of SnailWorks. Dave is a nationally known expert on direct mail and postal matters and spends his time leading the company’s day-to-day sales and marketing efforts. His expertise draws on many years in the industry. Dave has an active speaking schedule and presents sessions around the country on a variety of direct mail and direct marketing topics.