Custom Kitting & Fulfillment:
A Beginner’s Guide Presented by ProList

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Custom Kitting & Fulfillment Webinar: May 27, 2021 1:00 PM ET

It’s what’s hot, right?

Creating memorable and exciting dimensional marketing kits, also known as fulfillment packs or “swag bags,” and delivering them right to the doorstep of your audience. The concept is brilliant: Your brand or organization makes a lasting impression with branded items that have a shelf life of weeks, months or even years! What’s so hard about that???

If you’ve never ventured into dimensional marketing, kitting, or fulfillment before, now is the time to consider it. This brand new webinar will walk attendees step-by-step through everything you need to think about to plan the ULTIMATE kit.

We’ll cover:

  • Where to start? Key considerations
  • Budget and theme
  • Products & sourcing
  • Shipping options, and
  • Selecting a fulfillment partner

There are so many facets to these projects that their ultimate success really lies in the pre-planning and initial conceptualization phases. This fun, fast-paced and informative session will ensure you’ll walk away with the just the right tools in your toolbox to make the process a snap!

Presented by Sylvia Taylor, CMO of ProList, and Stephanie Ayala, Account Executive, ProList. Both Sylvia and Stephanie are experts in print, direct mail and fulfillment as well as marketing strategy and execution providing guidance and direction on a variety of fulfillment-oriented campaigns ranging from virtual event kits and specialty campaigns to ongoing e-store order fulfillment and back-end premium shipping.

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