Print Services

Through years-long collaboration with some of the finest
printing companies in the nation, ProList is able to offer
a full range of print services including digital color printing.

Direct Mail Print Services

When it comes to printing services for direct mail campaigns, ProList knows the importance of speed, accuracy and quality. Thanks to our advanced digital printing capabilities for both envelopes and other components like letters, replies, selfmailers and brochures, we can provide full production services for virtually any direct mail campaign – affordably, reliably, and with excellent print and production quality.

Digital Color Printing

High-speed digital presses, like ProList’s Konica Minolta KM-1, allow marketers to achieve offset press level quality with full personalization at a cost that often rivals just the printing of blank shells. ProList offers a full array of digital color options to provide the perfect solution for your production challenges.

Learn more about the Konica Minolta KM-1 watch the video below.

High Speed Envelope Printing Capabilities

When it comes to digital envelope printing, our W&D Halm iJet printer is truly the fastest, highest quality ink jet printer in its class on the market today. From black and white to full color, personalized or generic, the Halm can do it all and can run at speeds of up to 28,000 envelopes per hour. In conjunction with the KM1 offset ink jet presses, the Halm iJet truly enables us to be a one-stop shop – with better quality, more variability and more flexibility than ever before. Learn more about our high speed envelope printing capabilities with the W&D Halm iJet today!