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SnailWorks™ makes direct mail even better!

Everyone talks about integrating their direct marketing efforts. ProList stops the talking and starts the marketing with SnailWorks™, our coordinated suite of direct marketing services. At ProList, we understand that direct mail still does things that no other direct medium can do. It remains the best way to get information to a list of people who may not know your company, but are a part of your target market. Whether you are sharing news about an offer, raising funds or renewing memberships, subscriptions, or ongoing donor programs, direct mail is an integrated part of every direct marketing campaign. Most prospects get a lot fewer direct mail messages than email or other direct messages, so mail still stands out. And by integrating your message through multi channel marketing, ProList and SnailWorks™ can further reinforce that message.

SnailWorks™ provides the tools for multi channel marketing integration.

Connecting the mailbox to the computer

In today’s direct marketing environment, your goal is to get your prospect to respond to your message, and frequently that includes getting them to go to a web site. Even if your direct mail offer resonates with them, they still may need to get to their computer to respond. If they forget your offer before they get there you may well have lost your opportunity to sell to them.

With direct mail enhanced by SnailWorks™, your prospect can get an email the next day – maybe even the same day – that they get the mail piece. That email will reinforce your message and remind the prospect to respond while they are already at their computer. SnailWorks™ tracks your direct mail using Intelligent Mail services from the Postal Service so we know exactly what day the mail is received and we can trigger the email based on that date. You set the rule – same day, next day, 3 days later, you decide – and SnailWorks™ launches the email at just the right time.

SnailWorks™ can also include a QR code on the mail piece, so your prospect can reply right there at the mailbox with their mobile device. Giving your prospect more and easier ways to respond is a big part of the SnailWorks™ value proposition.

Response That’s Easy, Effective, and Measurable

The last thing you want to do to your prospect is send them to your home page. It can be confusing, and they may get distracted before they can respond. SnailWorks™ hosts landing pages so that your prospect will know exactly how to respond – we’ll make it easy for them. And that landing page will already know something about your prospect so they don’t need to fill it all in – if they get to the landing page from an email, QR Code, or PURL (personal URL), the landing page can be prepopulated. All they need to do is confirm that the information is current, add more information if you want it, payment information if applicable, and push “submit.” No hunting around for the correct offer – it’s right in front of them. And, if they are on a mobile device, the landing page will be formatted to make that easy to use, too.

SnailWorks™ increases the chances that they’ll get to your offer, and then we make it easy to buy. Snail mail starts the marketing – SnailWorks™ gives it the finishing touch.

ProList and SnailWorks™ bring it all together.

We will work with you to build each multi channel marketing campaign, developing the appropriate business rules and the correct technology tools for your specific effort. You still do the strategic and creative work – we know you know how to present your value proposition best. We provide the tactical tools and framework and execute the campaign for multi channel marketing success. Direct mail launches, triggered emails launch at the perfect moment, custom landing pages, responses, mail, email – EVERYTHING is tracked…and reported. So, you can watch your integrated marketing campaign unfold before you.

  • Direct mail with informed delivery and tracking
  • Email
  • Landing pages
  • PURLs and QRURLS
  • Tracking and coordination services
  • Reporting

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