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Direct mail delivers more with integrated marketing solutions
and SnailWorks services turbo charge your
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Integrated Marketing Solutions and Mail Tracking with SnailWorks™

We know that a successful direct mail and marketing campaign requires more than just good printed materials and a successful direct mail piece. That's why we provide our integrated marketing solutions with SnailWorks mail tracking and more, for every job we mail. SnailWorks services turbo charge your direct marketing campaign, coordinating additional channels with your already successful direct mail efforts. Your message is reinforced, additional marketing efforts coordinated and response paths streamlined. Everything works together to boost response.

ProList includes SnailWorks mail tracking with every job we mail. Using Informed Visibility services from the Postal Service, we can identify when each piece of mail is delivered. SnailWorks tracking is designed to trigger follow up marketing efforts, help you plan for response, or to just give you the peace of mind of know that your mail has been delivered.

Landing Pages

Campaign specific landing pages are a proven response builder when integrating direct mail and digital marketing. A well planned landing page can impact response rates more than any other aspect of an email's appeal. Through the use of PURLS and QR codes, registration forms are prepopulated with your prospect’s personalized information in either web or mobile format. Prospects can be sent to a page designed especially for them. All of our landing pages feature responsive design so they will optimize on whatever device your prospect may choose to view them on.

Success Reporting

Marketers need to know the results of their direct mail campaigns at all times - from the direct mail piece through to actions taken on landing pages and more. Tracking the mail piece, email open reports, distribution of leads and inquiries, and understanding campaign engagement and results are key to understanding the success of a campaign and strategizing future direct mail and integrated marketing campaigns. You are able to access this information all in real time via the SnailWorks web interface. Know what’s working as SnailWorks delivers!


Connect your direct mail to new integrated marketing channels at the click of a button. Through ProList's integrated marketing solutions, SnailWorks creates and manages your Personalized URLs (PURLS) and personalized QR codes (QRURLS) to give your prospects an instant connection to your web and mobile landing pages. Unique to each individual in your campaign, these codes provide you with new trackability and an improved customer experience for greater success in all of your integrated marketing efforts.

Campaign Coordination

Campaign coordination is at the heart of ProList's SnailWorks integrated marketing solutions. All the tools you need to plan and put your campaign into play in one place. No more waiting to decide who is sent an additional marketing message – as the mail delivers, the rest of the campaign unfolds, deploying emails and other follow-ups at exactly the right time – automatically. You make the campaign rules in advance – SnailWorks and ProList deliver.

Triggered Email

Timing is everything in direct marketing. SnailWorks ties state-of-the-art email marketing services in with all of your other marketing channels, including direct mail campaigns to provide integrated marketing solutions through ProList. Content is relevant to recipients as the email is triggered by direct mail delivery, landing page visits, other emails – you make the rules!

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