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What is EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail?

For marketers who want to target consumers in a specific geographic area, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) may be the perfect solution. Using this option, which is an offering of the USPS, you simply pick the neighborhood or neighborhoods you would like to target by carrier route (individual postal routes), and the carrier delivers your printed marketing piece to every address on the route – all while delivering the day’s mail. This works because of the simplified addressed format that is used on the mail piece.

The benefits of EDDM are many, including streamlined processing and reduced postal costs.

  • Using the every door direct mail mapping tool it’s easy to target specific areas
  • Review statistics such as household size, age, income and zip code
  • Quickly and easily adjust the scope of the campaign using these factors
  • No special permits or fees are required
  • Messaging can be customized to each geographic area

Like most United States postal service offerings, there are some caveats and specific criteria that must be met – including strict mail piece size requirements, postal endorsements and proper postal documentation and bundling preparation. That’s where ProList’s experienced team can provide turn-key services to make the USPS EDDM process as simple as designing a piece and selecting your target area. We’ll do the rest!

USPS Every Door Direct Mail Types & Services

Although Every Door Direct Mail Retail is the most popular option (when the mail is entered at a specific post office), there is also an expanded version of EDDM called simply Every Door Direct Mail. In this option, the mail is entered at a business mail entry unit (BMEU) location. Benefits include a larger universe (no longer limited to 5,000 pieces) and geographical targeting anywhere in the United States. The options are truly endless for targeting consumers in specific locations throughout the country, making EDDM an excellent option for retailers, franchise owners, non-profits and business to consumer marketers who maintain geographic focuses.

EDDM Retail on the other hand, caters to small businesses who are promoting their services in certain areas and/or want to drive sales, store visits, coupons and other similar offers to their geographic audiences. Combining EDDM Retail with QR codes is especially useful now for everything from driving web traffic to generating excitement for upcoming sales.

Why choose EDDM?

Although EDDM can seem confusing if you’re attempting to do it yourself, it’s really a wonderful postal offering. ProList offers a complete solution to take care of the entire every door direct mail campaign from planning to completion. We can even help with your mail piece design all the way through printing and postal acceptance.

So, don’t miss out on the benefits of EDDM by USPS in your direct marketing campaign. Our knowledgeable staff will assist in building and executing the campaign for you. Meanwhile, you can relax and stay focused on the intricacies of your specific business or cause. Let us make Every Door Direct Mail an easy and cost-effective addition to your marketing strategy today!

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