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Data Management

ProQuery database management provides a SaaS (Software as a Service) data management solution that allows you to store your marketing data securely off-site in the cloud while giving you complete access from any web accessible computer. ProQuery data processing services enhances your data in a variety of ways including:

  • Address corrections using NCOA, Address Change Service, and other US Postal Service approved methods
  • Data appends such as phone or opt-in email
  • List building
  • Segmentation and personalization based on any element within your data
  • Track results and link them back to your original data records

Data Processing

It’s the data that puts the “direct” in direct marketing, and ProList is the go-to solution for data management and data processing services. From complex data segmentation to optimizing postal addresses to appending demographic data, we make your data the center of your marketing universe. Ensuring your marketing campaign is delivered correctly is a key factor in driving success and engagement in any direct mail or direct marketing campaign. That's why ProList's ProQuery data management is an important part of our suite of direct marketing services.

ProQuery is a complete direct marketing system.

ProQuery is more than just basic data management because it ties directly into ProList's mail production, email marketing, and fulfillment services seamlessly. You can create an entire campaign – build a list using complex query parameters, create a direct mailing campaign with supporting email messages, capture responses from your landing pages and other response channels, and even fulfill those responses from a single cloud based system. It's all in ProQuery.

Today's marketing is all about the data. ProList and ProQuery give you the ultimate database management and data processing services to make your marketing its best.

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