About ProList

While technology has certainly evolved in the past thirty years, our mission today is much the same as it was then; To help our customers reach their target audiences in the most cost-effective ways possible, and through a variety of direct marketing channels.

With a 30+ year history, ProList is the leader in direct marketing.

Founded in 1989 in the days before the dawn of the internet, ProList was built with the recognition of a need for automated mail processing - something that in the early 90s was way ahead of its time. At that time, the Postal Service was just beginning to recognize the importance of automation in mail processing. ProList was among the first companies in the nation to provide a practical means of printing barcodes on postal pieces to allow its customers to obtain discounts. Our mission at that time was to focus on providing value to our clients and to help them reach their customers via direct mail and direct response marketing efforts, all while making it easy for their customers to respond to the mailings and information they were receiving.

Direct mail is still our hallmark service offering, while we’ve continued to expand our direct response marketing services to make ProList a full service direct marketing company in the twenty-first century.

More than just direct mail, we’re a full service direct marketing company and we’re here to help.

In addition to ongoing expansion of our mail production services over the years, including adding the latest technologies in camera-match systems for high-touch match mailing campaigns, state of the art inserters, and, most recently, our two KM1 large format digital ink jet presses, we also have expanded to focus on database management, fundraising efforts for nonprofits and other organizations, digital integration, political campaign marketing through our ProTarget service, and so much more. Today, ProList is a fully integrated direct marketing company that, along with its sister company, SnailWorks™, continues to grow and deliver cutting edge solutions for the many new challenges that today’s direct marketers face. From Intelligent Mail to integrated email marketing and digital fulfillment, ProList continues to make history as the model for direct marketing services companies of the twenty-first century. We’re always looking for smarter, better solutions. We never stop thinking about your direct marketing.

Over 30 years of experience in the world of direct marketing.

We can handle all of your company’s needs to reach your customers with integrated direct marketing solutions that have evolved with the times.

Our Services:
  • Direct mail printing, processing, mailing, and tracking
  • Digital imaging
  • Data processing
  • Database management
  • Warehousing
  • Print services including digital color printing

  • Renewal and subscription management
  • Integrated direct marketing including mailing, landing pages, and digital integrations
  • Triggered email management
  • Campaign coordination

Know what you need and ready to take your company’s direct marketing to the next level? Or have questions and want to learn more about what solutions may be right for you? Contact us and we will be happy to help develop a customized solution that is the perfect fit for all of your company’s direct marketing and mail service needs.

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